Are you struggling to convert great products into sales on your shopify store ?

Are you struggling to convert great products into sales on your shopify store ?

Are you struggling to convert great products into sales on your shopify store ?


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Let’s start at the beginning - What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that provides everything you need to create an online store. It is the easiest way for entrepreneurs to set up and run their own business.

Shopify has a variety of features that make it easy for businesses to grow their sales and reach more customers. Some of the features include:

- A secure payment gateway to process credit card transactions and accept other methods of payments such as PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.

- The ability to create a custom domain name for your store so that it's easier for customers to find you online

- Integrated marketing tools such as SEO, social media marketing and email marketing campaigns

- A customizable checkout experience with an option for your customers to pay with Apple Pay or PayPal

To be able to compete in the digital era, every business should have a website. For small and medium-sized businesses, it is not always easy to find the time and money needed for a professional website. That's why they need an affordable solution that will allow them to create their own website without any special skills.

Why is it Useful for Online Businesses?

With a shopify store you can get paid and earn money but the challenge in earning is to get enough traffic to your store.

Shopify stores can be created by anyone with a computer and internet access. The person who creates the store has the opportunity to set up their own rules, such as how much they want to charge for shipping and whether they will accept returns. It is important to note that there are many other platforms where you can sell your creations but Shopify carries a wide variety of products that are already in demand.

You have two choices to generate traffic using

1) Organic Traffic to generate sales

Organic traffic is generated by people coming to your blog without being influenced by any marketing or advertising. It's important to keep your blog fresh with new, relevant content so people will come back and return as readers.

A blog is a website where one or more people share their ideas, thoughts, and opinions. The owner of the blog is called a blogger. Bloggers write posts about different topics, and then people on the internet read those posts. Some bloggers use their own websites as blogs, while others use social media sites like Facebook or Instagram to share their ideas with the masses.

2) Paid Traffic to generate sales

Paid traffic is the use of advertising to generate sales. This can be through social media, display ads, email campaigns and more. Paid traffic is a great way to market a product on these channels as they can reach a specific target audience and are relatively inexpensive when compared with other forms of marketing.

Are you struggling to convert great products into sales on your shopify store ?

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows you to set up your own store and manage your inventory. Shopify handles the payment processing, storage, and delivery so you don't have to.

The secret to generating sales with your shopify store is to follow the Shopify Bible training course.


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Why suffer and repeat the same mistakes as other new shopify owners ?

You have got this far so don’t give up as you may be very close to scaling your store to unimaginable sales levels.

As a new Shopify entrepreneur you should take advantage of people who have already learned how to generate sales and have generated record sales on their shopify stores.

Do you want to get paid for your shopify store ?

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The Shopify Bible is where you will learn to LEARN.     |     BUILD.     |     EARN.

How does the Shopify Bible work ?

It is an On Demand Video Course:

The Shopify Bible is a step-by-step training program that will help you build a dropshipping business from scratch using Shopify without any technical experience whatsoever. 

What happens next ?

Build Store!

Build your online store for dropshipping using the step by step tutorials in just a few clicks.

Where Do I Work?

You work online as a freelancer. No matter where you live. Work for yourself and be your own boss!

Bring traffic

Bring thousands of visitors to your store using simple methods without spending top dollars for advertisement.


There is no cap on your earnings.  The money you will make depends on the number of products you sell.

Worried about Traffic?

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We will show you how to generate limitless traffic to your Shopify e-store using Shopify apps, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Affiliates, SEO, Store optimization, and many other effective platforms and methods.

So there you go, if you too want to start realising your dream and to earn serious revenue and sales from your shopify store.

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