What is Six Sigma  and How to use to reduce Stress ?

What is Six Sigma and How to use to reduce Stress ?

Six Sigma is a management and business strategy that focuses on identifying and removing the cause of defects in the organization. The aim is to improve quality, reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction. Six Sigma is not simply another improvement program; it's an organizational transformation based on sound statistical methodology.


Stress is a completely normal response to everyday challenges and can even be good for you. But when stress becomes chronic, it can cause a whole host of health issues. Here are ways to manage stress using Six Sigma principles:

As you probably know, the average person spends their life doing numerous processes, from cleaning to cooking, from washing clothes to walking the dog. With Six Sigma, you'll be able to identify unnecessary steps in each process and eliminate them. The beauty is that once you improve one process, you can follow the same steps to optimize others.


If you want to take back control of your space, and create a healthier way of living, try 5S. It can help you organize your life, so that you feel less stressed and better able to relax.


  • Sort: Go through all your belongings, including furniture, appliances, electronics, clothes and other equipment. Find out what needs to remain and what needs to go.
  • Set: Find a logical arrangement for the remaining items. For example, you can arrange them by type, how often they are used and where they can be stored to reduce unnecessary motion.
  • Shine: This step is about putting everything in its place and then cleaning the house.
  • Standardize: With everything in its place and the house in a clean state, keeping things this way needs to become a habit. For example, you can create cleaning schedules and a list of tasks, along with instructions
  • Sustain: Sustain is maintaining order. The idea is to involve everyone by communicating that 5S is long-term and motivating them to get involved and keep it going.



Making you more efficient by streamlining your life processes and organizing your living space are just some of the ways Six Sigma can help you manage daily stress. As you can see, the methodology isn’t just for the workplace, but everywhere there is a process, including your everyday life.



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