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Sangria Juniper

SKINGLOW 5day makeover Premium for Travel

SKINGLOW 5day makeover Premium for Travel

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SkinGlow makeover in 5 days!
Whether you are preparing for your special day - a wedding, an engagement, graduation day, birthday celebration or a social event, in just seven days, you will achieve the best version of yourself.
Just follow these simple five steps daily, in the morning and before bedtime, to revive, renew and glow your skin.
In 5 days or less, your face will glow with a radiance you have never experienced.

Skinglow 5 step process when travelling

The SkinGlow Makeover set comes with the following travel-sized products:

1) Cleansing and Nourishing Oil (20ml)
2) Dewy Glowy Exfoliating Scrub and hydrating Mask (15g)
3) Antioxidant Youthful Glow Toning Milk (20ml)
4) Maximum Glow Organic Face Serum (6ml)
5) Antioxidant Day Cream (20ml)
6) Antioxidant Night Cream (20ml)
7) Beauty Pouch 
8) Instruction Sheet

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