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5ml 10ml Bottom-Filling Pump Perfume Bottle Portable Travel

5ml 10ml Bottom-Filling Pump Perfume Bottle Portable Travel

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Get ready to pump up your travels with our compact 5ml and 10ml Bottom-Filling Pump Perfume Bottle! This essential travel item is a small size that's perfect for on-the-go use. Never be without your favorite scent again with this portable and convenient perfume bottle.

Bottom Filling pump sprayer to bring your favourite scents with you


Material: Synthetic glass inner container+metal spary

Perfect for storing some of your favourite Perfume/Aftershave/Makeup Remover in a smaller container without having to take the whole bottle with you

A travel essential for both men and women


Capacity: 5 ml/10ml

Size:1.6 x 8.1cm / 2.5*9.5cm

Net weight:12g /18g

How to use:

1. Perfume bottle tube and spray bottle base alignmen

2. Press down gently; observe the spray bottle capacity from the window

3. Automatic flushing, down a few more can be filled.

Package includes:
1 * travel sub-bottle



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